Agriculture is a base economy in Lincoln County. The County ranks 19th in the state of Colorado with a total value of almost $71 million of products sold. Wheat, cattle and calves, corn, proso millet and hay are the leading commodities. The value of grain sales is $40.7 million while cattle and calves account for $27.9 million according to the latest Census of Agriculture.

Property Tax Base

Agriculture accounts for xx% of the total property tax base in Lincoln County in 2010.

Land Base

  Quantity State Rank U.S. Rank
Wheat (acres) 173,743 7 58
Corn for Grain (acres) 37,222 12 698
Proso Millet (acres) 25,109 3 5
Forage & Hay (acres) 22,600 30 936
Sunflowers (acres) 7,844 6 64
Cattle & Calves (unit) 51,655 11 550

Employment Base

Agriculture accounts for almost 25% of employment in Lincoln County with 490 direct jobs.