Land Use and Development

Lincoln County Economic Development is available to help new and expanding businesses through the land development and building processes.


Phone Number Development/Zoning
Building Codes
Lincoln County Land Use 719-743-2337 Yes Yes
Town of Arriba 719-768-3381
Town of Genoa 719-763-2313
Town of Hugo 719-743-2485
Town of Limon 719-775-2346 Yes Yes


Strategic Plan


Lincoln County Economic Development Corporation is committed to implementing strategic initiatives to grow capital investment in Lincoln County and to make the County a destination to live, work, and play.


Goal # 1:  Create and promote programs that retain, create, and promote jobs for both existing and new businesses in Lincoln County. (Job retention)

Efforts will be more focused and analytical in identifying, marketing and improving services to existing companies in high or potential growth industry sectors. Companies with greater potential for moving their headquarters or expanding existing services will be a focus.


Goal #2: Develop and expand local businesses and recruit new business to Lincoln County. (Job attraction)

Success will require a more focused analytical approach in identifying, marketing and closing on key target industries and specific companies. Underscored is the need to develop a global marketing program. The ability to attract and retain jobs and the increasing need for a skilled and young professional workforce are important factors.  LCEDC will identify and target high capital investment industries which are more likely to generate capital investment, to bring outside dollars and secondary jobs to the region.


Goal #3: Strive for economic diversity. (Job retention)

Entrepreneurial job creation will move to the forefront as an area of focus. LCEDC will lead collaboration with partner organizations to identify all available local resources and address current and future entrepreneurial needs.


Goal #4:  Encourage the development of infrastructure for business and industrial recruitment. (Job attraction)

LCEDC will support the efforts of both the public and private sector to provide a safe environment for Lincoln County citizens and businesses.  LCEDC will provide technical support for planning, funding and implementation of projects through programs utilizing cost/impact analysis, project specific marketing studies, and as a liaison between public and private interests.


Goal #5:  Increase tourism development efforts. (Job retention)

LCEDC will partner with existing organizations to identify funding sources and develop a marketing program for Lincoln County while promoting support and inclusion of brands that already exist for some of the communities in Lincoln County.  Continued involvement with existing resources and organizations to further the recognition of the tourism in Lincoln County will continue.


Goal #6:  Ensure stable, long term funding for Lincoln County Economic Development

Develop a service oriented organization with benefits of investment and fee based services to boost funding levels.